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Special Announcements

32% Premium Bonus Event

Allianz is hosting a special Premium Bonus Event on NEW accounts
Now through August 26th.

If you have additional accounts that you would like to protect and grow specifically for Income and/or Legacy Death Benefit, then this strategy can be incredible to achieve those goals.

Call Hombre's office today at Ascent Financial to learn more and schedule a time to talk with Hombre about this limited time 32% Bonus.
844-723-3629  ext. 2

Client Bring-a-Guest Events

~ Space Is Limited ~
Must be registered to attend ~ 844-723-3629  ext. 2

We are hosting a series of Client Bring-A-Guest seminars over the next few weeks to coincide with the current 32% Premium Bonus Event on New accounts.

Your guest(s) is your ticket to attend. Your guest(s) simply needs to be over 40... from outside your household... and has never attended our seminar. Your spouse may attend in addition to your guest(s). 

July 9th & 10th, 6:00 PM ~ Capital Grille in Lyndhurst
July 23rd & 24th, 6:00 PM ~ Capital Grille in Lyndhurst
Aug. 6th & 7th, 6:00 PM ~ LockKeepers in Independence

To attend you and your guest(s) must be registered. For questions or to register please call MaryJane.
844-723-3629  ext. 2

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